Business Development


We are able to provide expertise and management assistance to help businesses to grow and make strategic decisions. Our independence from the day-to-day business enables us to provide objective advice to support and assist in moving your business forward.


We provide practical and workable solutions throughout our consultancy and we work with you to implement change and manage organisational challenges. We also provide direct support for executives, building on their abilities and enabling them to focus on developing their business as opposed to purely working in it.

Business Turnaround
We specialise in business turnaround, regularly working with business owners who are often facing financial difficulties and need to implement changes fast, working to lead businesses back to financial stablility.


We look at businesses as a whole to establish where the problems lie and how to resolve them. We believe in practical approaches to problem solving and will work quickly to find the solutions that meet the required needs.

Succession and Exit Strategy


There comes a time for many businesses when shareholders want to realise the value of their business or pass the business on to the next generation.


Comprehensive succession planning is imperative for your business to retain its value when you step aside or sell out. Our succession planning and exit strategy guidance helps to minimise any potential threat to a business from any change in ownership or management and to ensure a smooth transition for the business as a whole.

Financial Management


Determining your short, medium and long term financial requirements is a commercial imperative. We are able to undertake assignments from reviewing an organisation's financial planning structure through to providing direct financial expertise on a day-to-day basis.


Services include:


  • Business Planning

  • Financial Forecasting and Planning

  • Treasury Management

Start-Up Businesses


We pride ourselves in our expertise in looking at and assisting in your decisions to start a new business, whether it’s the very first or the latest in a succesion of business ventures, supporting you every step of the way.


Services include:


  • Deciding on the most appropriate structure, whether it be sole trader, partnership or limited company.
  • Advising on the potential pitfalls and challenges facing any new business together with practical advice on how to meet and deal with these factors.
  • Carrying out registration procedures with HMRC and Companies House
  • Accountancy and taxation